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Beware of Egret's Landing Apartments

My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Florida; I moved in to my apartment in June of 2015, I had liked it there not withstanding a few slight issues here and there, but it didn’t stop me form signing another year lease in May for June this year. I signed a liquidation clause as I didn’t feel I was going any where, heck I still had up my Christmas trees, as some of my visitors can agree to. There was a tenet who is a sheriff who lived above me for the year who moved out in like late June. When July hit, the new tenet whom ‘Ive never seen, spoke with or know began stomping all hours of the day and night, I’m mean all hours of the day and night. I began sending emails to the office thru the only email outlet I knew of which was their web site. For almost two weeks of this, I searched for a different email since I didn’t get any response from the office. | I found one and sent an email, “I’m not sure if your getting my emails”. | My partner had suffered three strokes, is on a lot of medications, he doctor has told him to de-stress and rest, he put him on pills to assist with this. The office was made aware of this along with a past issue from which we came from prior to renting the apartment, they were made aware of a wide verity of issues. We explained to the office when we signed that in Feb or poss March of 2017 we were going to begin looking for a house and hope that by June we would close and move into it. Fast forward, for two months the stomping and throwing things on the floors, now its only our bed room, poss the kitchen since they are close, does this occur. The office sent me an email, asking me to refrain from using such harsh and un-needed words like “Christ” “Friggen” “Sucks”, but in the same breath defends her staff from making fun of my partner of his disabilities, saying “sometimes people say things without thinking” | I then get a letter upon getting home, its a computer generated letter and in the office managers hand states “stop beating on the ceiling” as to say I’m beating on the ceiling because of what the upstairs neighbor stated, but also the tenet stated that we are yelling up from one balcony to the other at her, that we are “Stalking” her and she does not feel safe. This is wording I heard in the past and that I have shared to the office in the past. No one has every approached us about this, sent us a letter about this or we have never had the police come to us about this. You would think that the manager would address it with us upon its report. I’m the one who contacted the sheriff and gave them the run down and they made a NOTE REPORT of the issue. In the 2nd month of this happening and no one in the office or corp office doing anything about the issue, I reached out to VA and got a VA loan and bought a house, much earlier than planned, as I said before I was waiting till Feb or March, the money I could of saved between then would be enough for things needed to or for the move. | This just caused me to push the move much faster. Now I understand the liquidation clause, Oct 1st I gave them a 30 day notice to vacate due to the noise they refused to deal with. I don’t feel since they forced my hand with not honoring their agreement in the lease 20 PROHIBITED CONDUCT, covers behaving in a loud or obnoxious manner, that they themselves breached the contract, on top of this, they stated verbally and in a letter yesterday that they spoke to ALL the residents around me and on the 2nd floor about loud or obnoxious noise and NO ONE said they heard anything, though the Sheriff who lives across the hall from this tenet stated last Friday in a two hour conversation that he came home and the noise was horrendous but he was so tired from work he just went to bed and is willing to put that to paper, we also asked him if he was ever approached by the office manager about noise, again the answer is no, I spoke with the neighbor across the hall, he too said no one came to him, | I spoke with the person behind me, he to said NO. The office again lied about this making it look as if I was the one making up this. It only seems like this, they have my year, 60 day notice and a 2600.00 liquidation clause, they have me which ever why I turn. I’m saying that they voided the contract in its entirety when they refused to up hold clause 20 of the lease to my accommodation of peaceful time in my apartment in which I am paying them for. They are using this ATTORNEY COST, and court to scare me or intimidate me into giving into their wished. If they delivered their end of the contract, I would not be having this conversation. By the way , they listed my apartment on the first week of Oct for occupancy Oct 31st and they rented it in two days.

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