Dr. Richard Pan

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Beware of Dr. Richard Pan

Dr. Richard Pan is the Senator of California Senate District 06, and is the definition of a corrupt politician, especially in the realm of Vaccines and Vaccine policy. His rapsheet goes as follows: | *First he authored assembly bill 2109. This bill would require that a parent or guardian who wants to exempt their child from school or childcare immunization requirements to first get a lecture from a doctor. Thereby put them at risk of a CPS call or harassment. | *Then came SB277. This one was the worst one. This was where he decided to do away with all Personal Belief and religious exemptions to vaccines. | *Then came SB18-A “childs bill of rights” which was anything BUT that. It was shelved. | *Then came SB276- As of this writing this bill is currently in progress/being cheated into law, where he wants to have all MEDICAL exemptions to vaccines taken OUT of the hands of a doctor, and put in the hands of the State Public Health officer. | During the passage of all of these bills he has had tons of people, many including his own constituents, come to him voicing their concerns. And here is how he has responded: | *Anyone who posted any comments on his facebook/twitter/other social media voicing their concerns were blocked, and their comments deleted. The comments that DID stay, were subject to his cronies’ verbal abuse and mockeries. | *If anyone tried to make an APPOINTMENT with him to discuss their concerns, they were turned away. | *If anyone approached him to discuss their concerns with him, his chief of staff would treat them rudely, or in some instances, Pan would avoid the questions, and/or run away. | During the hearings, he’s lied NUMEROUS times about vaccine safety studies. He even tried to be stupid and say that “water was the most dangerous ingredient in a vaccine” because “people drown every year” He’s recieved numerous contributions from pharmaceutical companies, and takes orders from lobbyists and policy lawyers rather than listening to his own constituents. | He needs to be recalled or step down.

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