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Beware of Doxon Toyota

Around March of this year, I took my 1986 Toyota MR2 into Doxon Toyota in Auburn, Wa for an oil change and to swap an oil filter re-route kit that was leaking. It should have been a routine service, but one of their derelict technicians installed the re-route kit backwards. You would think an educated technician would make note of how a part is installed, so as not to install it backwards? Anyway, the result was I picked up my car, it didn’t start? 3 times I tried. I went in to Kevin Moon my service advisor, told him it didn’t start, him and the derelict technician came out, I went to show them and it started. So I drove maybe 1/2 mile away and the engine blew up. I called Kevin, had the car towed back, after almost a week, Doxon’s service manager Pete Callahan called me and told me the obvious, that my engine blew, I paused and asked how he was going to take care of it? He said I would have to go after the manufacturer of the oil filter re-route kit and I told him, if your guys weren’t skilled enough to install it, we wouldn’t be having this talk. Him and I went round and round for what seemed like over a month. I then called the person who rebuilt that engine 5000 miles earlier, Japan Auto Service. The owner is an old neighbor of mine named Mike. Mike said have it towed to me, I want to take it apart. I did and Mike deemed the engine catastrophe due to the re-route kit being installed incorrectly. I took Mike’s assessment in writing to Pete. We argued a few days more, then after consulting the owner of Infiniti of Tacoma in Fife- Mark, he told me not only should Doxon have covered the repairs, but Infinit would have covered the repairs no question. Mark told me if they are not willing to fix it, tell them ypu are filing a complaint with the Attorney General, BBB and will contact Komo 4 Problem Solvers. So I emailed Pete and told him just that, a day went by and he replied… “What do you think is fair?” I said, what I think is fair is to drive my car out in the same condition I drove it in as. He replied That’s fair. However, what they gave me was a 130,000 mile Corolla GTS motor that after only 1000 miles biew again?! I called the general manager of Doxon Craig and he ended up saying he will only give me 500 for my troubles. Now my car is at Japan Auto Service again and I now owe 412 more dollars and Mike told me I better be careful driving it, because he’s not sure how the bottom half of the motor is put together and since Doxon pulled a fast one over on you once, most likey the engine won’t last. Please help me. I know for a fact if I had bigger pockets than Doxon, I could sue and win, but I’m just a little guy and they know it. I have an email chain documenting everything from their denial, to them telling me they’ll fix my car. They didn’t fix it as promised.

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