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Beware of Double HH Ranch Transport

I was hired to move Rachals horse when I ran my North and South Dakota route. I had a different route to finish first, in which Rachal knew about, she kept facebook message me while on southern route. Told her I would let her know when I got closer to being done, while on this route my trailer had gone through 4 tires and many stops to check on status of trailer, in which I had a supposedly professional check my trailer in Georgia after a accident, where a lady had hit my truck and trailer, went across 5 lanes of highway on 75 North and took out passenger side of truck and trailer. This man had told me trailer was ok and was good to drive back to Michigan. Which after going through tires, axles were bent and frame bent. Before going back out like I always do, have equipment checked. This time the person checking was very wrong. Knowing this I told Rachal I was putting equipment in the shop, and it would be a few days. Would let her know status. She kept asking day to day. If someone has your truck and trailer in shop, you let them do their job, instead of blow up phone. Rachal didn’t like the answer she got, ordered me to pick up her horse by the weekend. Which was not going to be a option. She wouldn’t listen nor understand. Ordering for this to take place, or return her deposit. I had all intentions on picking up and delivering her horse after things got fixed. Per contract I told her there wasn’t refunds, unless I would not be able to do the job at all, or I was the one to cancel route. Which when I am hired to do a job, I show up and do just that. Rachal didn’t care about me being concerned about trailering a horse in faulty trailer. She just wanted her horse this weekend. Yes things happen to equipment to every transporter, I was truthful with her and told her after things got fixed, wouldn’t be a problem, but didn’t have a date yet for her. Nor had ever given her a date as of yet either. She blew up my facebook messages that day, in which yes.. with the bad winter this year, had also had my stallion being put down. She didn’t care about anything but ordering and thinking about what she wanted. I told her after over 15 messages and putting my horse down, that I would refund her money when I got home. Vet was at my ranch and spending last few hours with a loved horse. In the meantime, she still blew up messages and saying false comments on facebook, slandering me. other transporters as well, stood up for me, then she blew up their messages, to someone she didn’t even know. At the end of the evening returned home, got on computer and returned her 400.00. In the meantime, she thought she would be evil and put false reports on me. In which I have a lawyer now working on slander case against her. I nor anyone that really cared about horses would never keep driving a trailer that was unsafe. Since last week, the shop and insurance adjusters have totalled the said trailer, and the lady that hit me, her insurance is involved to replace the trailer. Hope this helps clear up the false statements against me.. If not have all records of refund by paypal, and all insurance docs for accident, plus the vet bill for the day in question. I care about the horses, would not put them in danger, Rachal didn’t care. I did tell her after all the rude messages from her, that I would not be picking up her horse, for the way she treated such a important matter. Since then that evening had transporters message me, saying they wouldn’t touch her horse. Also had one that had picked up a horse in Dec. say she was unruley, rude, and thought the world revolved around her, that she would never move another horse for her again. Any questions about my ability to move your horse, dog or cat. Have many references.. that she wanted to say were fake.. Sorry but they are not fake. If at all, I do as I say, very honest person, and would never hurt people or animals. Good at what I do, and proud of my job. All my clients will testify to the way I do things, stay in touch along routes, take pictures and send to them, on time for pick up or deliverys, unless like out of the norm,something may happen, always let them know. Sorry this one went so bad.. But all are safe with my knowledge to put equipment in the shop, delay due to equipment. All other clients would so understand and not want their horse on a trailer that could be unsafe. Have a wonderful day. Hope she got her horse, but wasn’t going to risk a accident on her account. I have never deleted any of my references as well either, as I have not had a bad one till this girl.. In which she is a young girl that has alot to learn. Never said anything about my dog.. I have all the messages ever sent to her and by her, which a shame she jumped to her own conclusions and made up things. But instead of try to hurt someone by posting false accusations, if she would have waited for me to get home like I said.. she got her money back and that is what counts.. Never would keep someones money, if I couldn’t do the transport. All I can say is prayer is the best thing for people like that.. Vicki

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