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My name is Mike Sagman. I’m the founder and managing editor of The Dog Food Advisor. | I’m a graduate of the Medical College of Virginia with a doctorate degree in dental surgery. | My undergraduate studies include a major in chemistry and a minor in biology. | In addition to my dental school studies in human nutrition, I’ve also cultivated a personal passion for the topic of canine nutrition, too. | The articles and reviews presented on my website are designed to help you make a more informed decision when buying dog food. | As you’d expect, the views and opinions expressed in the articles posted on The Dog Food Advisor are presented in good faith and are mostly my own. | I promise to make every effort to be fair, accurate, and truthful.” | At Dog Food Advisor we pride ourselves in using the highest quality PRODUCTS. | The many articles, reports and reviews you find on are the direct result of information our research team has painstakingly aggregated from available public sources… including books, journals and published research found at the United States National Institute of Health PubMed medical libraries. | And, of course, more importantly, from government-regulated pet food labels

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