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Beware of Do Over Program

Buyer Beware. Josh’s Do Over Program is a scam, he is very professional and responsive until he gets your money. He even has “proof videos” that make it seem like he is legit nonetheless once payment is made he stops responding and services are not provided. I purchased 4 tradeline’s from him several months ago and nothing has posted onto my credit report. Josh sounds very professional on the phone which caused me to trust him and his business however I soon learned that getting him on the phone is extremely difficult after payment is made. After I noticed the tradeline’s hadn’t posted I reached out to him and left several voice messages, text messages even emails. When he finally got back to me he advised that he would “redo” the order and tradeline’s would post in no more that two weeks for one of my orders and 10 days for another order. I asked for a specific date and he was not able to respond finally, after 10 days I asked for a refund and he advised that it would take an additional 10 days for a refund. The initial payment was made August 25th of $4000 it is now Nov 9th and I have not received a refund OR the services I paid for. Unfortunately after looking at his business Facebook page I notice others have left reviews that he has removed (I can see his responses to said reviews but cannot see the customers initial review) this leads me to believe this review will be removed as well. Hopefully it stays on long enough for his next victim to learn what they are getting themselves into.

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