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Beware of Divi Resorts

Divi has a history of lying about their timehare sales. They have a membership limit that no other timeshare on the island of Aruba has. Their timeshares they sell are for only 40 years. All other timeshare resorts on Aruba are for perpetuity (life). they claim it has to do with Land lease. Preposterous as all other timehare resorts have land leases also yet ownership is for perpetuity. I can’t believe anyone would purchase a timeshare from Divi only receiving 40 year contract. They state that for $500. they will extend ownership for an additional 40 years. Why not offer it for 80 years and charge the additional $500. in the price, or better sell it for perpetuity as other timeshare resorts on Aruba ? | 1. They have a history of a bankruptcy when they screwed the owners at the Divi Heritage resort in Barbados. Divi sales offices are in denial regarding this matter. The owners after the bankruptcy were left with a room only and no amenities as they sold off the resort. They were forced by the new owners of the resort to pay a daily fee of $150. /person per day fee to use the amenities. It is true yet they deny it. They will screw you also if given the opportunity. | 2. They took over the Auba Royal resort which they purchased upon that resorts bankruptcy and did not honor the original timeshare owners contracts that were for perpetuity and changed the contracts to 40 years only. They also changed the configuration of some of the rooms that had 2 full baths into 1.5 baths. All owners were stuck with the changes by Divi. | 3. Recently went to timeshare presentation and they did not honor their offer of $200. cash to take presentation. Received voucher money only for slot machines and not table games as promised. | If you consider purchasing a Divi Timeshare, think again !!!

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