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Beware of Direct Express

I went online to check for my social security money and found my account suspended for fraud the notation said. On calling to find out why, the representative couldn’t tell me what the real reason was. The only thing they said is that I have to call Social Security to initiate a M.O.U. process. I called Social Security and they told me that they are not aware of a such thing and that all my information are correct and I am in good standing with them. I called Direct Express and told them what Social Security said, this time they told me that I have to go to a Social Security office to initiate this process. I asked why they want me to this, I was not given any explanation…they said this is what I need to do for them to release my funds! I asked to speak to a supervisor…but the representative hang up on me! In the past my card has been blocked more than five times, for security reasons, but, they have always cancelled the card and issued a new one….BUT, NOT THIS TIME! | Researching online I found out that I am not the first one to run into this problem with Direct Express, I am disabled and I have very limited transportation, I cannot run around from office to office trying to fix this problem. Also, my social security benefits is my only income and I have bills that needs be paid. Please, I am not sure what else can be done to have Direct Express unblock my card and release the funds, I don’t know why my card has been suspended for fraud and what this alleged fraud is. All my personal information, Social Security number and address have not changed…so why this MOU process? I hope anyone here has an answer for me. Thank you

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