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Beware of Diamond Pride Kennel

I’m sorry that you feel this way about our breeding program, I would have much more respect for you if you would have come forward and had a conversation with us personally. We have several very satisfied customers who can vouch for our business ethics as well as health of our dogs and productions. | As for "cassi starting breeding toy dogs and met matt a year ago" haha, you obviously know nothing of my personal life so thank you for the laugh regarding that. In college, I owned two maltese whom, yes, had two litters of puppies. Is that a crime? Lol! As there is some truth to your statement, yes Matt has owned bullies/pits his entire life and when we met he turned me from a "toy breed" person into a large breed lover. | Money had nothing to do with the reason we got into the bullies. If money were the concern I would have stayed with he toy breeds as they are much more expensive. As I already stated, Matt has had pits/bullies his entire life and that’s the breed he loves and enjoys. That being said we purchased our first puppy and decided to purchase a male to breed with her upon maturation. As in any business, when an oportunity arises, you’d be stupid not to take it. That being said, we purchased two 10 month old females who were later bred and produced litters of very healthy, beautiful puppies with outside studs. | I agree, we jumped in full force and made more purchases of puppies as we had the two litters. But isn’t that what you do in a business?? Invest once you make a profit? Maybe you can give me some business lessons. Over the next year we spent a lot of time looking into different bloodlines of dogs, purchasing puppies, & rehoming some once they got older and we realized they had an underlying health issue or were just simply not breeding quality dogs. As you speak of purchasing over 10 adult dogs… that’s definitely an exaggeration. We own 8 bullies, (2 adult females, 2 year old females, 2 four month old pups, and 2 adult males). We have had 4 litters now, all of which are healthy, quality pups with very proud owners who are more than happy to give out their reviews of our business. | We have made many adjustments to our program over the past 3 years and learned a ton about what we want as a dog and what we want as far as health and structure in our program. Your statement about Buddha not being health tested if he were not prior to us buying him is even more comical. Also the fact that you make ignorant comments about Buddha looking just like a mastiff is hilarious.. I do agree with you that he does lack rear mass, but no dog is perfect, therefore when we breed him to a female, that will be taken into consideration. Not quite sure how you call him "unproportioned: or that he is overangulaed.. but we’ve already seen you have absolutely no knowledge of the breed or breed type with your previous statements. Back to the health testing statement.. Since we have only 1 female over 24 months of age (minimum requirement for most health testing) I’m not sure how you can make the assumption that we won’t be health testing? Flex, our up and coming stud will be 24 months in February 2016 and will have a complete health profile and testing ran on him, as well as every other dog in our program once they reach the minimum age requirements. But thank you for your concern… | In regards to your obsession over the price of our puppies.. maybe you should visit a couple of other kennel pages such as Bossy Kennels, MVP Kennels, etc. They charge around & 036;10,000-& 036;20,000 for puppies that come from non health tested parents as well. I think our pricing is very competitive in the market of XXL American Bullies. The & 036;7000 you are referring to is the price of a top pick puppy. Our puppies actually start at & 036;3500 for 4th picks, maybe you should take a visit to our website again to continue lurking.. | As you would also see if you visited other kennels’ websites, no one in the bully community offers a health gurantee on their puppies. Although we are working towards our goal of completely health tested breeding stock, if you knew anything about health and genetics, even two completely health tested dogs that score perfectly can produce a non-healthy puppy, that is how reccessive genes work. We never stated that if a problem arises we won’t do all we can to help our customer with their specific issue with a puppy. Actually, everyone who has purchased a puppy from us knows that within hours of conversating with us that if anything ever were to happen they would be compensated in the best way that we can. | Your statement "their female production has poor structure on the front legs/feet".. this review was written in July 2016.. The oldest litter we have being only 13 months old at this time. IF you knew more about this breed, you would understand that these dogs mature up until over 3-4 years of age. So making fun of a puppy that is 1/3 mature is absolutely comical. If I had to pinpoint any problems with her it would be the fact that she needs more rear mass, not anything wrong with her front feet.. but good try. | "All male puppies sold are to be kept intact until at least a year old so Cassi can collect sperm".. Hahahaha. This statement is even more hilarious than your others. IF you had asked about the statement in our contract, that refers to not neutering before the dogs are mature (for health reasons) you would know that’s the reasoning behind it. Yes, we do require that if the male is deemed an exceptional breeding quality male, we reserve the right to a stud service from said dog. Afterall, when doing a breeding, the breeding is first designed for our program to grow. That being said, we cannot keep a puppy from every litter, this gives us a way to enable using the BEST male from a breeding, if we like how he turns out. As all my customers know, we don’t collect semen from every single male puppy we sale, however, from very choice males from a litter IF they turn out exceptional. | Thanks again for all of your thoughts and dishonesty regarding our business and how we run our program. I hope you can sleep tight at night knowing that you’ve made a complete fool of yourself. Funny you write a report when you’ve obviously never done business with us and are just an upset soul that cannot afford a quality dog and has no idea how business or the American Bully world works. | I will say a prayer for you that maybe you’ll be less bitter in the future. | God Bless, | Cassi

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