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Beware of Diamond Doctor

Diamond Doctor took our cash and ripped us off, to say the least, and it probably wouldn’t surprise me if I found that others were ripped off as well. They passed the diamond ring we bought as an extremely high quality ring when in reality it was not even remotely close to what it said on the product description. My wife’s sister’s friend’s father, who owns his own jewelry store in Dallas, spoke to us a while ago about the Diamond Doctor scam story. At first I thought this was just a sly dig at Diamond Doctor, as they would be in competition with each other so there’s always going to be that tension, but then I realized that they were telling the truth after all. | This came about when I was given a set of diamonds to look at in terms of grading them – size, color and quality. The jeweler owner explained to us that it’s harder to determine the color of the diamond once it’s mounted, but that made it so much easier to tell. You could see straight away that the color was not what we expected by a long shot. The G color, nearly colorless to you and I, is more like a K which is 4 shades different. Anyone with common sense will know that the value will have gone down dramatically. The clarity also had us feeling betrayed although I’m no expert on that myself, but you could clearly tell once you seen the other diamonds sized up against yours. | So let’s recap; people that think that this business is all sunshine and rainbows will all their positive reviews then think again. Either Diamond Doctor is hiring a bunch of people to write reviews or paying someone to write good reviews, OR those that actually wrote genuine reviews have been ripped off tremendously. See for yourself – just do a search right now of: diamond master set chart – you can see for yourself that something is clearly not right. My best advice is go somewhere else to get your diamond checked and see if it’s the real deal. If not, then take action immediately and think about taking action specifically against Diamond Doctor. I’ve seen the Diamond Doctor lawsuit happening right now, so I’m going to be looking into that next to see how I can help in revealing Diamond Doctor’s schemes.

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