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Beware of DHL International GmbH

I shipped a new carry on bag containing personal effects to my house in THAILAND via a new DHL account. I opened an account with DHL USA. Completed all shipping and export forms on line and dropped off the bag with paperwork at an authorized DHL EXPRESS DROP OFF (Plantation, FL). The shipment arrived in THAILAND in about a week. | I was notified that THAI CUSTOMS had issues with this personal shipment containing my personal effects by DHL THAILAND. After several days of calling DHL USA and asking them to intervene on my behalf, which they did not, I called DHL THAILAND myself and asked why the carry on bag was impounded by CUSTOMS. | They informed me the shipment contained vitamins soap aspirin and my wife’s cosmetics. These items were considered dangerous thus substantial duty charges would be imposed (thousands of dollars). It was readily apparent DHL THAILAND had no interest in helping me resolve these administrative issues with CUSTOMS. | DHL THAILAND never even visually inspected the bag! This was a shipment with no inherent value. It contained my personal items that I use while traveling. I had to come to a determination for cost reasons that they luggage had to be destroyed since DHL THAILAND would not assist me resolve a simple routine transaction with CUSTOMS. | Even more disgusting was DHL USA would not help me either. They blamed DHL THAILAND and they blamed CUSTOMS. What a bunch of idiots! DHL employees are not professionals. They collectively lacked empathy, courtesy and mutual respect. DHL USA wants to bill me now for freight services for a shipment that was destroyed in transit for their lack of competency in the international freight business! This is so embarrassing! What morons!

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