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Beware of Dentures-4-Less

Called Dentures 4 Less and spoke a young man their and asked him how much would it approxiately cost to get 2 teeth for the uppers and 2 teeth for the bottom and 2 teeth abstracted . He told me that it whould not cost more thatn $1000.00, so I deposited a $1000.00 into my bank account. I had been saving up for along time in order to do this. When I got their and saw the dentist Dr. Keith Theodore they asked me how much could I afford to pay, I told them a $1000.00 plus I had dental insurance with Delta Dental Insurance and did not expect no more than $1000.00. I was told that they would in flippers and I was to wear them for 6 months and then the permanant teeth would be put in and make sure that I called after the 6 months to get my permanant teeth. | Well I misplaced my upper dentures because I could not eat with them in my mouth and after a couple hours in my mouth they made me gag and I would have to take them out, so I waited a couple of weeks and I knew that I whould be able to get my permanant teeth so I made my appointment and went in there today. I was told I need to Debra and she tells me I have an outstanding bill of $216.oo then the dentist comes in and tells me I had my permanant teeth and If I needed anymore teeth I had to pay extra money and in his notes he claimed that my teeth was custom and they were the permantant ones and I know he had said 6 months ago and what was on records in the computer. I have a very good memory and if you tell something I don’t forget it. | I feel that this place does false advertisement and play games with people. I see that they have also changed their policy on insurance and they no longer except insurance and you must paid up front,get paid your money back from the insurance , this is because they don’t to take a loss from the insurance company and get more money by dealing with the patient and not jack the prices up so high to cover their real price. They charged me and the insurance comapany a total of $2856 and that’s a bit too much.

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