Dennis Fitzsimmons

Phone: 203-714-0169

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Beware of Dennis Fitzsimmons

DENNIS SCREWED ME OVER AND HAD ME BELIEVING IT WAS ALL REAL. HE WALKED ME THROUGH THE WHOLE PROCESS AND WE STARTED ON 06/03 AND JUST YESTERDAY(06/16) HE SAID HE WAS JUST ABOUT DONE AND THAT HE WAS SORRY FOR THE DELAY THAT EVERYONE HAS BEEN WAITING JUST AS LONG AS I HAVE, my daughter just passed away so i was struggling financially as it was trying to support my two boys and grieve at the same time so when he said he would help me out with getting the $800 i was all for it because im a single mother so i did it. like a idiot i did. So he said his kik messenger had some glitches so he said to text this number (323)-698-8916 and he texted me back confirming it was him. It was all a scam hes a liar and a munipulator. All those people he had make videos never even got their money. He had us do that as one of the steps but we/they never even received their money as promised by him. Someone please find him and burn him down.. poor people scammed out of their hardworking money. oh before i made the video he said to sound more dramatic and more sympathic in the video.

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