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Beware of Delsey Luggage

I recently purchased a DElsey 29″ spinner suitacase. | After a few uses, one of the zippers falied. After a few more uses a second zipper broke. Then one of the spinner sheels stopped spinning and finally a 3rd zipper failed. I had taken the suitcase on approx. 10 trips by this time and it was still in excellent condition apart from the parts which had broken/failed. | At this point, since the suitcase came with a 10 year warranty, I contacted the retailer (Macy’s) who directed me to Delsey’s repair center (in Raleigh, NC). Unfortunately, this repair center has ceased trading – so I conacted Delsey’s customer service who told me that thre are no repair centers in North Carolina and I must therefore ship the suitcase, at my own expense, to their repair center in Charleston, SC and that, once they receive it, they will determine if the damage is covered under their warranty. | I consider it unacceptable that Delsey no longer have a repair center in North Carolina and that they place this impediment on their customers which restricts their ability to exercise the terms of their warranty. In effect their warranty is worthless as most people are not going top incur the hassle and the cost of shipping a suitcase to another state for repair. | I have expressed my disatisfaction to Macy’s and suggested that they either remove the 10 warranty labels from Delsey products – or stop selling them in cities where no repair service exists. I suspect that there are many Delsey customers who are, like me, frustrated by their ripoff warranty policy.

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