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Beware of Dell Inc.

I received an email from Dell with a very aggressive price reduction for their XPS8900 desktop computers, only valid for a 24 hour period. The coupon code was for an extra $250 off the price, which was already reduced, by about $50 already. | I ordered the computer, choosing the fastest processor option available, a 4.0 Ghz processor. I used the coupon code. I paid for the computer. I received a confirmation email that shows the 4.0 Ghz processor. | When I received the computer, I turned it on and I did not get the 4.0 Ghz processor. I was sent a computer with a slower processor, a 3.4 Ghz. I called Dell customer service and they agreed with me 100% that the sales paperwork says 4.0 Ghz, but the actual computer they sent was wrong. | Now like any online retail store, whether it be for clothing or anything else, I thought it would be a simple matter of getting an exchange for the correct computer and having them send me a ups call tag to send the improper one back. | I was absolutely shocked at what transpired after that. The Dell customer service person and then again, a supervisor in that department, refused to send me a new computer with the specifications that I paid for. They told me my only option was to return it for a refund. | I explained to them that now that the promotion code expired, a refund would do me no good, since replacing the computer today would cost me substantially more and what I deserve as a customer is for Dell to “make good” on their own admitted mistake and send me the computer I paid for. They refused. | While I was on hold, I did a little research on their site and checked the retail price difference of the same model with those 2 different processors. It was $150. | Begrudgingly, when they started to get rude with me, saying, I could “take it or leave it”, I asked about a credit. Then I was told all they would give me is $50 for the difference. | The supervisor then told me that Dell reserves the right to unilaterally substitute a lower specification computer if they are out of stock of the one a customer orders! This was strange because while we were on the phone, I checked and they STILL had the one I wanted IN STOCK, so this excuse was not only crazy, it was an outright lie. | I asked the supervisor to show me exactly where on the website they have fine print that explains this policy of showing me a computer with customized exact specifications and their right to just send me something less. She said “It’s not on the website but that’s our policy.” | The supervisor’s employee # is 112883. Not only was she arrogant but rude. Imagine a retailer saying take it or leave it! | Imagine buying the latest iPhone or something like that from one of the major carriers, using a coupon code, and then getting last year’s model in the mail! Worse yet, they admit they made a mistake, but REFUSE to honor the deal and give you an exchange, telling you, sorry its too late, that sale is over, you can have your money back, but we won’t exchange it for you. Would Victoria’s Secret pull that? Macy’s? What retailer in the U.S. would pull something like this? | The term that’s important here is “specific performance”. | I’m entitled to the product that I ordered, for the price I paid. If the retailer admits a mistake, its up to them to make good on it. To just refund my money does me no good because I’m left without the computer I wanted, at the price I wanted, for the specs I customized!

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