DCFS-Torrance Office-Family to Family

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Beware of DCFS-Torrance Office-Family to Family

DCFS IN TORRANCE OFF CRENSHAW BLVD HAS A CORRUPT INVERSTIGATING SOCIAL WORKER NAMED CLAUDIA JORDAN THAT IS WORKING WITH TORRANCE POLICE DEPARTMENT TO MAKE FALSE ACCUSATIONS ON ME AND MY BABY DADDY THAT HAS SINCE PUT HIM IN JAIL FOR ATTEMPTED MURDER(IN WHICH HE IS INNOCENT)AND HAD MY SON REMOVED FROM ME BECAUSE IN CLAUDIA JORDANS OWN WORDS SINCE COPS ARE INVOLVED IM NOT GOING TO BEAT THEM SO THEY CAN LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING IN WHICH THEY HAVE DONE AND THERES NOTHING I CAN DO BECAUSE THEY ARE OF AUTHORITY…NEVER HAS SHE TRIED TO HEAR ME OUT ..AND FROM DAY 1 WE WERE GUILTY SO CLAUDIA AND TORRANCE PD SAY BECAUSE WE AINT S*T | *My sons father got arrested for something he did not do by torrance police ..torrance police stopped us with a bunch of undercovers officers in which still til this day have never seen a search warrant or have never been told what really was happening ..they raided my room without search warrant ..and planted dope in my room..they even said that my son was in a car where supposably a shooting happened and that my son seen everything .my sons father is being falsley accussed of attempted murder and and since tpd are saying my son seen something that never even happened tbey got dcfs involved ..remember how i said they planted dope in my room well i would think that i would of gotten arrested and my son taken away the same day they arrested my baby daddy if they did really find dope ..they waited til june 2 to tell children services that lie and so now they dont want to give my son back..because of the lies..mrs claudia jordan is working with torrance pd to keep my son from coming home ..she has told lie after lie.. *

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