Daz Productions, Inc.

Phone: 844-814-3009

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Beware of Daz Productions, Inc.

I subscribed to this company membership and it was not clear how to cancel it. There was no link that I could click or no button to cancel it within the invoice. I sent them an email saying that I wish to cancel a month ago and on November 30th I was charged with this membership renewal again. I immediatly contacted them to say that this was a mistake and that they should cancel it as I asked before and I do not want to have this membership any longer and they said it was not refundable, even though I did not use it or buy anything using it and I cancelled it an hour after I was charged! | I filed a dispute with paypal and my CC company and will never ever do business with this company. They prefer to lose a good customer in order to gain a meager 24$ wish a scam! They should learn the meaning of good customer service and this is no way to behave with customers which they obviously don’t value one bit! I had to go cancel it in my paypal account and hopefully I will not be charged again like many others have been charged but I will also change my CC number. | Don’t ever ever buy their membership or you will be stuck with this forever unless you change your CC number and file a dispute with paypal! | This is a very dishonest and scam company!

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