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Beware of Davinci Virtual, LLC

Davinci Office Space Fraud, Deception, Coverups Below is a short list of my experiences with Davinci. San Diego’s Davinci offered relatively low cost office rentals. The catch was they charged you for calling them. Yes, they had charges for things i have never heard of. If I called the office to ask a question about my account, I would be charged. Also, I was charged without my knowledge for customer service questions like” Are you open today” (Monday was a holiday). I was charged for asking if I had mail. The charges showed up and I questioned them only to be met with the nastiest attitude I’ve ever experienced. Davinci maintains a lot of fake review websites to offset the thousands of complaints and Yelp 1 star reviews. Davinci attempted to auto renew without my permission. Davinci excessively charged my account for included services Davinci offered services they did not have Davinci promised parking but provided nothing but excuses. Davinci charged me just for checking to see if I had mail and for asking if they were open. Davinci blocked my attempts to speak to the corporate office. Davinci treated me with Collectios when I questioned their lies. Davinci tried to charge me 1,000.00 for each employee that received mail. Regus basically behaved the same way. I wouldn’t be shocked if they met to compare notes. I wish I could suggest a solution.

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