David N. DeFoore

Phone: 800-325-4250

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Beware of David N. DeFoore

Hi I don’t want this to happen to anyone else David Defoore was alright until I payed him off 1,500 dollars it was then he stopped answering my calls left messages with his secretary’s he has two or three of them anyways they would say he will call me back never did it was getting close to court date a week away was so stressed out so u called again asked why he’s not sending me a letter or even calling me she replied we haven’t received a date I told her the date said it’s coming up she said I’ll check on it and I asked once again can I please schedule an appointment with David Defoore she said yes I’ll call you back later I waited never did now it’s Two days before court day called again asked why she never called back she didn’t have an answer I once again told her courts in two days she then tried to say we have it checked off on are to do list I said to do list I said I want to talk to David Defoore she said once again I’ll have to call you back to set up an appointment I knew that wasn’t going to happen so I said ok what do you know they didn’t now it’s court day went to his office an hour early so I could finally talk to him I asked the secretary why didn’t she ever call back she stuttered so I just said never mind this I’m my life yall are playing with I just want to see David Defoore she said he’ll be in soon 45 minutes 10 minutes till I have to be in court walked back to her desk and said where is he she said nothing I was pissed at this point so I was walking out so I wouldn’t be laylte to court she runs out he’s already over there with other clients I just kept walking I was so pissed then I got there didn’t see him anywhere so I headed in sat down judge called my name I said I’m waiting for my lawyer so he sat me back down we waited nothing still I motioned to my husband to call him so he went outside the court room then came back in and said he’s outside so we waited still nothing judge said were going to proceed and he did was walking out he saw me I asked him why he wasn’t there to defend me he just looked at me I said the right thing you can do is give me my money back you haven’t and didn’t do anything to earn a dime of my money no reply what a surprise I hope he is disbarred he is a sore excuse for a lawyer I hope he gets what he deserves and I hope people read this before considering him for a lawyer run run run far away he is not the one to help you

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