David Astone

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David Astone

David Astone is a deeply disturbed individual and you’d never know it until it’s too late. He is a God awful actor that works on crap films with other con men and criminals. He is in cahoots the mob and was brought up in that environment. Now he is running cons in Hollywood, he is nothing but lies, deceipt and up to taking money from anyone that is stupid enough to give him money. He lives the high life on Willshire boulevard in a nice penthouse paid for by others and meanwhile runs around Hollywood like a big time actor. He isn’t going anywhere. He has been bladklisted from several studios so he will never be allowed inside their doors. He is known to buddy up with you, then turn around and delete your credits, play games with you, hurt you and go after your whole family and then try to extort you for money to go away! | He’s been hurting people for a few years since he got off the boat to america. After doing some calls on him and checking up, we now know where he lives, what he’s up to and who else he’s hurting. A class action lawsuit is underway but will take a little time. Private investigators and the FBI have been notified. He is going down but in the meantime, this is a stark warning to all, not to do business with him or hire him to “act” in your film. He’s extremely dangerous. Not just a little, a lot. I’m a female and he attacked me on one of the sets!!! I am efforting a restraining order. I had to put “Jack” as the name because if i put my name he will know me. He’s really scary people. He doesn’t stop. He’s unemployed and seeking victims right now!!! You have been very well warned.

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  1. Dada August 25, 2020

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