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Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews) Which Is A Part Of Salesforce… | Is A Big Scam, Fraud And Con-Artist! | No Wonder They Got So Many Bad Reviews! | Many Members Are Scared To Come Out And Tell The Truth! | I Have Hidden The Truth Long Enough! | Now It Is Time To Spill The Beans! | com and it has been, Nothing, but a Major, Big Disaster, a Big Scam, A Big Fraud and Con-Artist for the various reasons and explanations given and provided below, along with (23) Pages Of Attachments to Support My Claim and Major Complaint! | I have worked Extremely Hard at Providing ONLY Real, Honest, Legitimate Information that I had obtained from Various, Existing Company Websites for the past three (3) to six (6) months and the kind of Respect that I received from this Ungrateful, Non-Respectful Company was CONSTANT HARASSMENT and BEING BLOCKED AND LOCKED OUT OF THEIR WEBSITE FOREVER as of Thursday, March 24th, 2016. | I NEVER made anything up, nor LIED about the Data Being Submitted and/or Published! | All of the Information that I had Provided Can Be Verified! | However, this company has a Very Bad Habit at Preventing Their Good Members from Remaining Rainmaker Members (which is the Highest Status and Ranking Given to the Members who have Provided the Most Accurate and Legitimate Data). | What happens is the Exact Same Thing that has been done to my other friends who were on here and Here Is The Scenario Of The Game That They Play With Their Honest And Legitimate Members, Including Myself. | While You are Adding Contacts At The Very Beginning, they typically do Not Bother You Right Away, however, once you get to around 25,000 to 50,000 Points, then you get an email telling You of the Mistakes that You made and they will usually Send You A List Of The Rules That Need To Be Followed in order to Stay Onboard With Them and that is understandable. | At the Very Beginning of my time with them, I did Receive the Rules and Have Studied And Even Memorized Them such as the following: | 1) You Can Not Use Abbreviations Or Have Accents Above The First Or Last Name. | 2) You Can Not Have All Numbers In The Email Address. | 3) The Email Address Must Be The Person’s Name And Nothing Else Such As [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected], etc. | 4) You Can Not Have The Word Retired Or Student Just For The Job Title. | 5) You Can Not Have Any Cellular Phone Number Or Home Phone Number For The Contact Number. | 6) You Can Not Use The Abbreviations Jr. Or Sr. Or Phd Or Doctor Or Rabbi In The Contact Names. | 7) You Can Not Use A Post Office Box Number For The Physical Company Address. | 8) You Can Not Switch Around The Job Titles When Updating Contacts Such As Going From Marketing Director to Director Of Marketing. | For Your Information: I just wrote out the Eight (8) Major Rules By Memory and have Practiced Them, plus the other ones as well, however, NO Matter What I Did To Keep Their Website Accurate, Clean And Strong, they Still Harassed, Complained And Permanently Removed ME! | They even Invented NEW Guidelines and Rules that are NOT Written in their Educational Materials as a Deliberate Method To Get Rid Of Their Legitimate And/Or Hand Selected Rainmaker Members and Trust ME, They Always Get Their Way!

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