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Beware of CVS Pharmacy, Inc.

I went to CVS minute clinic today for a sinus infection. I get these once a year and am always treated with an antibiotic that knocks it right out. I was in Greenville, SC and decided to try the minute clinic here instead of waiting to go back to Florida. Huge mistake. | First of all, I waited over an hour to be seen. Not that big of a deal, but when you are sick, sitting in a cramped waiting room is not ideal. Once I finally got in, after the patients prior to me were in there for over 30 minutes each, I explained my situation and the NP did not listen to a word I said. I was in there for less than 5 minutes and told that she would not give me a prescription for ANYTHING. I explained that I get this every year like clock work and the the antibiotics knock it right out if I start taking them early. Was told that she would not prescribe them to me. | After that, I was told that I would still have to pay for the 5 minute visit and the cost would be between $89 and $129 based on the level of service. She did absolutely nothing and I was charged the $129.00. Completely unacceptable. I want a complete refund of my money. This was the worst clinic visit I have ever experienced.

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