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Beware of Cruise America

IT HAS BEEN OVER A YEAR SINCE I HAD THIS ORDEAL, AND I AM STILL WAITING ON REIMBURSEMENT. | I have never in my life dealt with such an UNPROFESSIONAL company that had NO REGARD for the Safety of their Customers. I rented a Cruise America Truck for 21 Days (5/28 to 6/18). I am a Disabled person that was really looking forward to spending time in a low stress environment out WEST away from the East Coast. Our plan was to go to Yellowstone National Park for 4 Days, and then Montana, Idaho, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Lake Powell Utah, and then stop in Colorado for a couple days then back to NJ. Little did I know that I was in for the worse time of my life! Due to the negligence of Employees failure to show the inside of the truck, and follow protocol, and failure to have them give us a SAFE Truck and truck that had a working Generator, charging portholes for cell phones and GPS (we had only one that worked), and failure to show that there was a HEATER that ran off of a BATTERY and not Generator, and because of this I had mild hypothermia waking up at 5am at 22 degrees outside in Yellowstone National Park (due to my meds I take I didn’t awaken from the extreme cold and could have died!) When this happened I tried to turn heat and Generator on, and got yelled at by other campers that had ZERO bags they were sleeping in! Due to the horrible COLD nights in the mountains we had to cut our stay at Yellowstone 2 days short, re-route our trip, and cut it short and go South to Utah, and once in Utah (in the middle of nowhere) the Generator Broke, so we had NO Air Conditioning or Electricity! This is when I saw a thermostat by the bathroom door that said “use this thermostat for heat for up to 2 hours off the battery!!!” I could not believe this because if we saw this we would have never changed our plans! | Then in Green River Utah in a Parking Lot RV Park we trouble shot for 3 hours with the “Road side Assistance” of Cruise America with first Pat and then Donna. They could not fix it and then had the nerve to try to get us to drive to ARIZONA to get it fixed! We told them NO WAY, and I told them about the issues with the Ants, Electrical Ports, Heater Off Battery, Alignment Issues, Refrigerator Broken spoiling food, and asked for Customer Service and they said they had no Customer Service! I was near I-70 and lived in Colorado for 10 years and asked them the closest place in Colorado to exchange out the disgusting truck. I told Donna at Road Side Assistance that I could not drive due to the fact that my Disability and the Stress from Cruise America being so horribly RUDE, and showed NO Empathy for our situation. So it took us a day that included one night in a Hotel to get to drop the truck off. In addition, we got in traffic by Vail due to construction, so we detoured and once out of mountains we got caught in a horrible Storm with TWO Tornados in Berthoud Colorado, and due to evacuations we could not find a place to stay! We finally found a Marriot Residence in to Stay in (we called Donna and told her we would not make it in time due to the storm and my health condition) and all she kept saying is that we would be charge, and then charged a fee for drop off! She showed no empathy!! | By this time I was done with them! Due to the fact we had SO MUCH luggage for Camping for RV we had to get a TWO Bedroom Room. It took over 5 Trips to get the stuff to the room, because Donna demanded that the truck be Cleaned and Wiped down! During the Storm we only got a few bags up, and we waited in our rooms until the raining started the next day, and finally took another 3 hours bringing luggage and incidentals up to the room. We called Donna and told her we would get there as soon as we can. By the time 4pm came the rain let up, and it was safe to DROP the truck off (I told them I was done with them and not exchanging). While driving there we got stuck in Traffic, so we called the Federal Heights location to let them know we were going to be 10 minutes late, and to please stay open, because we were not comfortable driving this vehicle any longer. Much to our surprise the woman working there said they would not stay open for us, and they would lock the gates, and if we left it there it would get towed!! When I found this out I told her I was going to sue her because I was so upset! She finally said to drop the vehicle off with the car storage lot with the Man named Sam who owned the property Cruise America is on and we would have to pay $45 to leave with him. I have a video of him saying he does it all the time, and because we were videotaping he said that he didn’t like that! He then had his ROOSTER attack me and called me a d**e!!! I Called the Police and have a police report on this entire situation with videos and photos to support everything! The police made him take the truck, and he drove us to a safe place and called a cab for us to go get a rental car. Read less

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