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Crowd Funding LTD in NY together with CROWN FUDING INC. in Toronto Canada proposed loan for $1.5M and the loan contract was concluded back Nov. 2017 after having collected $16,500 by wire transfer and cash pay. But they intentionally defaulted the delivery of loan fund by adding many newly named fees. Each time they requested payment of new fees prior to the delivery of loan funds, but the disbursement never taken place. | After completely defaulting the delivery of such $1.5M loan, they resumed acivities from January 2018, and approached me via gmail and text messages by saying, “your loan has been ready and will be delivered as soon as you get remaining fees paid”. “Trust me, this is the last fee you shall pay?. | How many timed did I hear from him? How many times did I pay him under extreme cash flow constraint time? No loan disbursement has been done despite my payment of accumulated $25,980 to this date 6.05.2018. The scam started back March 2017, and I have been guaranteed a secure delivery of loan, but it never happened. These days, the scam team linked with Canada, LOndon, UK, and South Africa tried to pretend as if the funding shall take place from UK, but by sending a fake wire transfer confirmation, the man says, “Oh! I am just reported that you need to pay $1,750 transfer fee from the UK before the wire reflects to your accont”. | This is a truly malicious and evil minded scam group.

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