Create Yourself Today

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Create Yourself Today

Angela Shurina claims to be an expert in the field of alternative health/medicine. She is originally from Surgut Russian but currently lives in NYC. | She searches for gulible and vulnerable men who she tries to “help” with their health problems. She claims to be a health and life coach however she does not have any degrees. I personally met Angela online and intially we had an online friendship, at the time she was living in Thailand. She told me that she was about to get evicted out of her apartemnt and asked to borrow $500. She said her family nor friends were able to help her out so I ended up sending her the $ via western union. I never saw that money again. | We still kept in touch and about a year later she was moving to NYC and asked to borrow $800 for her sick parents. I hesitently sent her the money again after she promised to pay back withing 2 weeks. Needless to say, I never saw that mowey again as she deleted me from her social networks. | Please be careful of this woman, she is a habitual liar and extremley manipulative.

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