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Beware of Craigslist Inc.

AFter selling a guitar/amp on CL and having a check CLEAR and APPROVED from the bank beforehand, the buyer stopped payment on the check for almost 2000.00 before he was supposed to come and pick it up. He got my money. Apparently banks can stop checks for up to 6 months? | CL: the place that allows the “community” to “Police itself” which is nothing more than criminals policing criminals…. | CL: WHere you can’t sell pets but you can “rehome them” for hundreds or thousands of dollars from backyard breeders…and where bad people get your free/cheap pets and eat them: just google Thurston county man accused of starving, slaughtering and eating pets he bought on Craiglist | CL: Where the sexual offenders and perverts prey on others for their disguting needs. | CL: the OPPOSITE of where people are actually verified. | CL: Where their phone number only goes to voice mail–no real person answers the phone.

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