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Beware of Cox Automotive, Inc.

| Has anyone warned Cox Automotive that Dealertrack Technologies is one of the most corrupt companies in all of America? Has anyone warned David Doolittle that they are making a 4 billion dollar mistake buying this company that has falsely represented their software in every way shape and form possible. Has Cox Automotive taken anytime to review the software they are buying? Have they called a few clients of Dealertrack to see how they feel about Dealertrack? The answer to that question is a big fat NO! If they did they wouldn’t be considering a purchase of such crap software. They wouldn’t want to inherit thousands of customers (dealerships, auto transporters – brokers and carriers)…. the people who pay Dealertrack….. because if they did they would have found out that Dealertrack software doesn’t work! Tons of errors in the code… tons of pissed off clients because of those errors… out dated servers that can’t keep up with the growing demand… no customer service… no care at all about those customers who feed their hard earned dollars to Dealertrack hoping someday they will make the improvements necessary (but they never come). Cox Automotive – wake up… smell the coffee… you just got ripped off by Dealertrack Technologies. Have you not found the negative reviews about Dealertrack? They put more software writers on improving their on line reputation than they do on fixing all the faults with their software. Dumb!!! This is from all the carriers and brokers pissed off that someone else hasn’t started a dispatch board website that can fix the auto transport industry from all the corruption that goes on through the Dealertrack website that refuses to enforce any rules or regulations that would easily resolve most of the industries major issues. F U Dealertrack… and how dumb are you Cox to pay 4 billion for a crap product? You are an idiot David Doolittle. You have the perfect last name. Dealertrack owned Central Dispatch and Jtracker for a year and a half and they have done little to nothing to fix or improve it. More negative has come out of their acquisition than anything positive.

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