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Beware of Cornerstone Credit Services

I saw on my credit report that Cornerstone Credit Services had reported me as owing Fairbanks Memorial Hospital a bill for nearly $5,000 that I had already resolved with the Hospital Billing Department; the hospital had written off the debt after they had confirmed I had made goodwill monthly payments to them for 13 months in a row, without fail. Having verified this, the hospital sent me a new invoice / final bill confirming there was now a balance of zero owed. I had been assured that the Outside Credit Collect Agency, Cornerstone Credit Services, would be contacted by FMH and told the balance was taken care of and to cancel their collections processes and remove active reports from the Credit Report bureaus. I have checked my credit report after waiting a month to give them time to remove it from the report; Cornerstone Credit Services did not do so. I then Disputed the Claims with both TransUnion and Equifax. They contacted Cornerstone and Cornerstone told them it was a DEBT STILL OWED… Despite the fact that had Cornerstone contacted the hospital they “claim” to be collecting on Behalf of… WHICH THEY REFUSED TO DO (or, if they HAD, refused to comply with cancelling the now zeroed out debt with the hospital). Cornerstone THEN replied back to both TransUnion and Equifax that the DEBT was still VALID AND OWED. Naturally, this is a LIE… since the hospital has written off the debt, why would Cornerstone Credit Services make such a claim… the ONLY conceivable reason is they hope to get money out of me and keep it for themselves since the Hospital has already clearly cancelled the debt previously owed. This is clearly a VIOLATION of Collection Agency Regulations per Alaska Statues under which they are required to operate.

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