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Beware of Convergys

I was an at-home agent for Convergys. It was a whirlwind experience, so let me start from the beginning. | I applied as a temporary agent working on the Cabela’s customer service program. When I was hired I was told that my contract would end on January 26th, 2017. I was also told that if my contract were to end before that date, I would be notified two weeks in advance. I was also told that there was a high probability that I would placed in another position after my contract ended for Cabela’s busy season. Those were lies! On December 28, 2016, I was pulled into a conference with my supervisor and she told all of the temporary employees that our contract would be ending IN THREE DAYS. We were all angry! I’m guessing I’m not the only person who was lied to! When we asked them if we would be hired for another program they said they didn’t know and told us to keep checking to see what was available. Nothing was available until the day after my contract ended. I applied for several other positions within the company but was not hired. I always had perfect marks on my call grading cards AND I did not accrue any attendance points. | During training, get this, our trainer had ZERO experience taking calls for the program we were working on. She read us powerpoint presentations and any questions we asked her were answered with, “I don’t know.” So she got a guy to come into the Adobe classroom to help us and he had an EXTREMELY difficult time answering questions, understanding what we were asking, and he was ghetto as heck. Completely unprofessional. The trainers definitely looked down on us and once I go into production I realized that all of the supervisors looked down on us as well. During training we were told that Cabela’s customers were the nicest people ever. That was a lie! I got screamed at EVERYDAY but almost EVERY customer. This job has caused me to lose faith in the human race due to how bad these customers were. I have 20 years of customer service experience and I have NEVER spoken with such rude, inconsiderate, entitled, NASTY customers in my entire career! We barely trained on anything too. You better FORGET having to ask a question and just make something up when talking to customers who have questions because: A. when you ask questions in the chat they will be IGNORED by supervisors and coaches who appear to do absolutely nothing, B. when you try to locate answers to questions in your resources it’s highly unlikely that the resources haven’t been updated with that information, C. if your resources tell you to transfer to another department you will be treated like an idiot, you will be yelled at, and you will be generally treated like CRAP BY YOUR FELLOW COWORKERS. There were times I waited on hold for 45 minutes for a rep to answer so I could explain the customer’s issue and transfer, and when they finally answered they would blatantly LIE and say I was transferring them to the wrong department then they would yell at me and hang up on me! Training didn’t teach us ANYTHING we needed to know to be prepared for being on the phones. The calls were BACK TO BACK. There was literally no rest in between calls. It sucks to take 160 calls per day just to be screamed at for not having items in stock. I routinely got calls from African American customers calling to complain that they experienced RACISM at the Cabela’s stores! Customers were lied to in the stores or met with other reps who weren’t trained properly and didn’t know what they were doing. Two weeks after I hit production and was on the phones we were informed that our lunches would be CUT from one hour down to thirty minutes. WE WERE INFORMED WITHOUT NOTICE THAT FOR THE REMAINDER OF OUR CONTRACT WE WOULD BE FORCED TO WORK OVERTIME OR WE WOULD BE FIRED. THIS WAS NOT EXPLAINED WHEN I GOT HIRED. THEY JUST HIT US WITH IT ONE DAY AND THE FOLLOWING DAY ADHERENCE WAS REQUIRED!!! I was never paid on time! I never got my last paycheck and all the paychecks I did get were incorrect! | DO NOT BELIEVE THEM WHEN THEY PROMISE OPPORTUNITY FOR ADVANCEMENT! THEY ARE LYING! THERE IS NO OPPORTUNITY! | WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER WORKED FOR! DON’T BELIEVE THEIR LIES! THEY WILL SAY ANYTHING TO GET YOU TO WORK FOR THEM AND THEN THEY WILL BACK PEDAL AT THEIR FIRST OPPORTUNITY! SCUM OF THE EARTH!!!!

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