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Beware of Convergent Outsourcing, Inc.

I was sent a “reduced balance opportunity” to pay $284.29 instead of $568.58 wich was owed to dish network. the problem is that i have never been a client of dish netwok in my life. | i called convergant and informed them, but they didnt seem to belive me. even stating that the last 4 digits of my s.s. match.(i wasnt about to give them my whole number). | i decided to call dish network and gave them the account number that was on the letter from convergant and went through the whole thing with them. | guess what, nothing matched. not the s.s. number not the birthday, not the adress, not the email. nothing except my first and last name. | so in good faith i call convergant back and tell them what i learned from dish network, this time they were downright rude stopping just short from calling me a lier. | finally realizing that they just dont care that they got the wrong guy i decided to write them a validation of debt letter. i sent it via certified mail and kept all records. | today in my mailbox (well after the thirty days they legally have to respond) i find a letter from them saying the debt is valid and as proof they enclosed a copy of a bill from dish network with my name and that address that i never lived at. | thats it, no copy of original contract or anything for that matter that would have information that would identefy the person that rightfully owes this debt. just the same first and last name. | i cant belive they are allowed to operate this way. i dont know what else to do. if anyone has any advice i would love to hear it. im really afraid they are going to hurt my credit score wich i have been working so hard on since a bit of a rough patch i had in 2011.

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