Consumer Clearing House

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Beware of Consumer Clearing House

I received a call from a Stehanie Baker claiming to be an attorney for Truman and Baker, LLC. Her so-called secretary is the one who initiated the call and told me I had won $500,000. She then transferred me to “Attorney Stephanie Baker” | They asked why I didn’t return the documents they sent me and I said I never received them; they proceeded to state my name, address and asked was that me. I told them yes, but that they had the wrong address. They then kept me on the phone almost an hour verifying my address and proivded me with a claim number and had me call the so-called Federal Trade Commission. The Trade Commission answered the phone and supposedly gave me an Agent Ken Walker, Badge number 090270. It all sounded so legitimate and I didn in fact wire them the 1600.00 to an address they had given me. Man, do I ever feel like a fool!

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