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Beware of Conn's, Inc.

I returned my tablet in December of 2014 I went back to see if it was sent to repair January 2015. The tablet was missing and had not made it to the repair place, i waited two more weeks, went back to the conns in January of 2015. it had been to repair an was found that the memory board was ruined. | I was givin a credit for my tablet, because it was under warranty that i paid 200+ dollars for. IT WAS ON MY ACCOUNT that day, i didnt have the money topay for the New warranty soi told them i would come back on that friday which was pay day. When i returned i got the table t i wanted the lady remembered me an when she went in to do the credit an me paythe difference the credit was NO LONGER there,. after searching for over 30 minutes through everything we could, I had toleave eto pick up my children. I went back On that Monday still no credit, I simply asked for my tablet back an she said she would work on finding my credit rather then giv eme back a junk tablet. | Conns moved from Ornage texas where they shut the store down to beaumont texas where it was already an open store, I went into beaumont again no credit nothing on my file an can not give me back my table that was $549. they are “destroyed”. I went home very upset my husband an i went back in there tword the end of march beginning of april an asked again for the credit, Low an behold it was there but ” Unforuntaly you didnt use your credit in time an it has expired” that what i was told. How i can use something that isnt there when i have tried! | Still it is now 1-2016 Still no tablet no credit an they said they are jus sorry on my behalf that it happened! No matter who you talk to. I paid the 800+ dollars for my tablet an warranty an i got nothing out of it.

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