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I purchased a pair of thigh high compression stockings for the first time through this company. when i recieved them they did not fit the way they were suppose to. i have been wearing compression stocking for years so i know how they are to fit. | i then called there customer service dept spole with a man named mathew who put me on hold because he was going to email the manufacturer to see what they thought . so he did and they had him have me measure myself over the phone he took my measurement and sent it to them with the size i purchased. they told him i had reieved a damaged pair and to return them to them and they would send me a new pair. | well i did this was a month ago, i finally recieved the supposive neww pair today. well what do you know they fit like the ones i returned i think they just put the pair i put in a new packaging and returned them to me . i know the thigh highs are suppose to reach all the way up the thighs these both come up only above my knee wrong . i would never purchase anything from this phony company . i sure hope this company gets closed down soon as they are a real rip off .

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