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DO NOT USE THIS CO. Their customer service is the worse I’ve ever dealt with. In August , 2016 I ordered a pair of compression stockings from this co. I Have something called Lymphedema, a result of high doses of radiation because of the cancer I had. Because of the lymphedema my legs are swollen all the time and I must wear these stockings;. After wearing this pair for 3 days one of the stockings had a hole in the heal. I emailed on 8/10 the co. to exchange the stockings and they wanted a picture. I’m telling them it’s a hole. You want a picture of a hole? OK, I complied. Between the dates of 8/10 when I first complained and 12/14, SIXTY_FIVE emails have been sent between us & I still do not have a pair of stockings I can wear or my money returned. I will be complaining to both the BBB and the state AGs. I’m going to try to make this as short as possible. | After I sent them the picture of the hole they went back & forth with what to do. Never was there a name on any email they sent so I had no idea how many different people I was dealing with. They obviously did not read the previous emails as I was asked the same questions over & over again. Such as what I wanted to do, what size and color I needed etc. After all these emails going back & forth on 10/4 they AGAIN asked me for a picture. I Was fuming by now. Told them they already had that from 8/23! They finally sent me a FED EX label to return the damaged stockings and I returned them 10/28. On 11/2 I told them what I wanted in exchange they told me they no longer carried that brand. They asked me for an item number. I had no item number since they didn’t have what I Wanted to order so I told them again in detail what I needed. On 11/18 the new stockings finally arrived. More than Three months after all this began. And guess what? What they sent me was wrong-wrong size & wrong type of stockings. I emailed them again saying I wanted to return these and want my money back. I’m not dealing with this co. ever again. Their response: We don’t give refunds for the particular stockings they sent me!!!! They decided what stockings to send me and sent me the incorrect stockings but I can’t get my money refunded? How convenient that they picked out a pair that I can’t get a refund for. I could only get an exchange or store credit AND there would be a 25% RE-STOCKING CHARGE!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?? This co. owes me a lot more than just the cost of those stockings for all they have put me through and all my time they have wasted. | The last email I sent them was 12/14 telling them they must be kidding. I also told them I had been holding my tongue and not complaining about them on the internet but I have had enough. I have had no response from them since. So here I sit with a very expensive pair of stockings that they refuse to take back and refund my money. I have since been using a company called For Your Legs and have been very satisfied.

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