Comenity Bank

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Beware of Comenity Bank

I ordered for the first time several items from Haband and sent a check in full immediately to Haband inwarren New Jersey. | Hello they cashed the check immediately electronically and it was on my monthly bank statement. several months later I began getting bills with high interest demanding money from a place called Comenity bank . I had never heard of them. I looked up their phone number on the net.i called them the man said he would investigate it I never heard from him . this began July of 2017 I kept getting more bills each one larger with interest I called Haband along with my son and got no where with them . by December they started to call on the phone, became very testy to both me and my son . in Jan of 2018 the calls got more frequent . | one when I was driving, on Saturdays, after business hours and on sunday. i have all my mailed records. I mailed copies to them to prove I paid, they demanded copies of my check which the bank did not have because they cashed it electronically . the bank gave me a document proving they got the money . I mailed all these to them and they never acknowledged anything. finally I SENT this to the attorney general’s office in New Mexico for some kind of help.

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