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Beware of Comcast

Comcast is HYPOCRITCAL using credit reporting agencies. | While using this Practise Comcast refuses to contribute previous account information on behalf of any customer. | Comcast WILL NOT use previous Comcast Customers Account Information to determine eligiblity opening an account. | This is REGARDLESS of how good of a customer you were! | I had 2 different subscriptions NEVER missed a payment! Looks like you can miss a payment or more-Comcast doesn’t | care! Comcast does not use that info anyway! | I am demanding, [EVERY COMCAST CUSTOMER SHOULD], Comcast enter previous Comcast Account information in the Credit | Reporting Agencies! If Comcast is going to determine a customers eligilbility for an account, using a credit score | from one of the three credit reporting agencies! Just tell Comcast if they do not then you will go to another service company. | Remember if Comcast will not do as you want-YOU CAN CHANGE! | Discrimatory practises for Not Wanting Credit-cash only. | (ID Theft 2003 & 2004-After Chapter 11-MY debts cleared-Made choice never have credit again-Why make it easy for someone else?!)

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