Coly Cattery

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Beware of Coly Cattery

I looked at this cattery website today called ColyCattery because I love both Ragdolls and Maine Coon cats but much to my surprise could never find where the heck they are located!. I have enjoyed looking over many many cattery web sites within the south east USA area and they ALWAYS share very plainly where they are located, why they moved there and how they want their kittens to be a part of the family. This seemed all appropriate for Coly Cattery website until I wanted to see their address. They didn’t have any address. I wad going to see about their phone number… Check what state the number was from. Does one have to do all this extra work just to figure this out when the owners should be proud of where they are located!? It was obvious to me something was off! So I googled the question… | "Where is Coly Cattery located?" and received not only the location of Atlanta, GA but all these bad reviews of scamming!! Not surprised with how they never gave their location in the first place. Of course these people need to be shut down and sent to jail. I bet they don’t even own one of these cats for themselves!

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