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Beware of ColiseumFX

I’ve invested in Coliseumfx after doing some research thru’ internet and mostly comments received by investors are good & positive reviews. However, this is not the truth!! The ugly truth is that my account was being wiped out in less than 3 weeks time by Colisieumfx and I lost USD 27K in total. He is not responsive to investors emails as in totally ignore your emails. Not only that, he will continues to hold on to losing trades until your account has blown out. | I can only blame myself for not believing all others negative reviews. | This company is a one-man show, the person behind is a coward and he is capable of pushing all the responsibility and ignoring emails when things happened. | He is not a reliable person/company. Many investors are waiting for him to make refund from him since months ago. Please do not risk your money in Coliseumfx, cos’ you gonna lose all your life’s earnings. You are just a bait and he is waiting to take your money and turn it into a profit for himself. | The best advice I can give is don’t trust anyone whose reputation you cannot validate, website using a service to hide his identity and whose association is not legitimately tied to the actual forex market. This is especially important when selecting your forex signal provider. | The website has been newly registered with a short life expectancy, which follows the pattern used by many fraudulent and fake selling websites. Please be vigilant and take extra care before using his service. | Don’t let your hard earned dollars become an easy profit for Coliseumfx. | As from 24 Sept 2015, his scam website was down and he had disappeared, should be hiding behind and planning to set up new website with new name to scam people again. Be aware of this scammer.

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