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Beware of Coinmach

Coinmach washing machines are not rinsing clothes by skipping the rinse cycle and just lowering tne wash water and the light on machine says it is on rinse cycle and goes to spin cycle. Unless you observe the machine while washing, like I did , you would not be aware of the problem. I live in Berkeley, Ca a campus town where Coinmach the major supplier to campuses dorms and apt.complexes. by providing services to landlord to place their machine on site and giving landlords a small percentage of revenues to cover water and electricity. I After I discovered this scam, I went to 2 neighboring apt building and discovered they had also had the same problem. I contacted Coinmach and they would ony reimbures me only for the amount of money for only the loads I had done that day, although this problem has probalbly been happening for without our knowledge.I requested to be paid for everyload and drying for the past month. They denied me . This been a problem with the washer ,they came 4 time for the same problem . Eventually they replaced the washer with adigital timer and thoutht problem solved. As you see still problem. Contact Coinmach to check your washer machine, to make sure you are not getting ripped -off. This literarly stinks.

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