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Answered an add on FaceBook for crypto-currency investing. After talking with them and looking over their website, decided to risk .5 btc ($1300 at the time). After accepting my bitcoin they told me they required much more to consider me a customer. When I refused to add funds, they agreed to allow me a “trial period” after which if I wasn’t convinced they would refund my principle, but no profits. A week later I decided it wasn’t for me, and asked for my principle back. I got no response. | I tried their automated withdrawl system and it has a minimum withdrawl threshold of 100btc (1.2 million dollars worth). I contacted their support and told them there was a bug in the site. They initially asked for details about the bug, but after I specified that it was in the withdrawl threshold, they didn’t respond further. That was 4 months ago. | I have received occasional responses to my emails, but they are all of the form “please let us know when we can talk to you about your investment,” with no further followup. Do. Not. Send. These. Guys. Money. I’m fairly certain they are at best a ponzi, and at worst out-right thieves.

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