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After suffering a loss of value on our rental house in port alberni due to a poor building inspection which did not uncover the water running across the basement and under the bathroom floor Where a hole showed the water if anyone looked), we had to tear out rooms, walls and floors to eliminate damage from flooding and mould + carpenter ants- | Looking for anyone that could help us out of the dilemma and fix the problems, we found through a previous property manager, a person who was available and we thought could repair the plumbing and other issues. | Unfortunately, although the stories rocky primavera gave us and names of the city building inspector sounded legitimate, they were not. He could talk like a builder about the issues and fooled not only myself, but our current property manager, our tenant who showed he was a good drywall person and knew about building and my husband- who also has helped me repair other houses and knows about plumbing and wiring, etc. | We met him in april and he gave us some quotes with invoice numbers for different work needing to be done. When i phoned him, his answering service on the cell was not working. He usually phoned me right back though, and met with us quite a few times to discuss the work as we waited for the perimeter drains to be done by another contractor. | In june, i wrote him a cheque for $1500 as a deposit on the repair of the front door, rebuilding the front stairs and repairing the existing porch plus picking up a shower unit from rona in nanaimo we were to install later. | For 5 awnings he requested an additional amount to order them online from ontario He showed us photos of the awnings) with gst- this would have been $1860.00 but he only requested $1500 and returned an earlier cheque uncashed for $500. This looked honest to me at least. | A few days later- on june 2 he requested $1833,00 to order more fibreglass awnings online that were to be delivered from ontario and would take 3 weeks he said. Well it is now well over a month, there are no replies or messages from him. | When i phoned the person who recommended him to do the work- a bill gosse here in port alberni, his wife lenore, told me the name they know him by -which is rocky peterson. This is interesting! he told me when i asked about rocky peterson, that was not him- but someone else! his girlfriend is the one paying their rent and he owns a white pickup truck and actually does not live on lathom as his address indicates, but at 3627 10th ave Since november 2016) his parents apparently live on lathom, the business address. He told me he has a brother with part of the business still in prince george where he came from he said 12 years ago. | He seems very pleasant and helpful when you talk to him. However, he is actually very experienced at conning folks out of cash! for us $3300.00 – a lot for us when we have already been ripped off by others on this house of nightmares where the whole downstairs was water damaged and turning mouldy and the front steps were leaning into the house allowing termites, ants and rats access None of this discovered on the building inspection). Most of our neighbours and other contractors have been helpful with advice and work. Still, it is common for others too to have expensive repairs on houses in this town where the building inspections that are mandatory to qualify for the mortgage are not adequate. Our renters did a massive amount of damage to the house also- and this is also frequently the case in this town. To fix this old house- it could easily require $70,000 and more. And now to be ripped off by the contractors seems discouraging indeed! since rocky has been operating as a con man successfully since at least 2012 when he first appeared on this site, he must be improving his story line and realizing he can get away with this. What actually stops these thieves? Is the law on their side? I only wish i had checked him out on Outscam before giving him any money. He was such a likeable guy…! | Thanks to all those who previously reported rock the ripoff artist – and hopefully our sad story will help others avoid him and others like him

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