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Beware of Clipper Card

If I could I would give the Clipper Card Service no stars. I recently lost my clipper card that I had used since my youth, which was my fault. I purchased an adult fast pass on it and when I lost it, I tried to get it replaced. I talked to multiple representative and they all told me different things I need to do in order to get a replacement. The first representative made me pay for a replacement and told me to pick it up at a nearby station which I did. Then I went to the nearby station and I was told that they weren’t able to give me the replacement. So I called and spoke to other representative and they told me to buy an adult card so that they can transfer the products onto the new one, which I also did. Then when I called them again to give them the serial number but they said they could not transfer products on a youth card onto an adult one. The representative then told me that they would give me a refund check for the adult muni fast pass on the youth card if I were to buy another adult muni fast pass on the adult card, which I did. Then I called them again to get the refund and I was told that I am not able to be given one despite me doing all of the earlier steps. | Long story short, 1) they would not issue me a replacement card, 2) there is no way for me to receive the products I have already paid for, 3) and I am left $91 short. Worst experience I ever had!

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