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Beware of Classic Auto Sales

Dealer misrepresented a car I bought from them. I was told the car was in excellent condition and had no issues – Found out it has a rebuilt title. | I bought a 1989 Porsche 944 Turbo from Classic Auto Sales August 1 of 2013. | Because these cars are hard to find and I live in Massachusetts I conducted all my business over the phone. When I spoke to the salesman I was told several times that the car was in excellent condition, no issues, no accidents, all maintenance had been performed, previous owner was a Porsche mechanic, is a 3-owner car and because of that they wanted top dollar for the car. Their ad on listed the car as a “3-owner with original window sticker – books – manuals – documents. Previous owner was a mechanic – low miles – etc. etc.” I have the original listing to prove their hype. | On a few occasions I spoke with the business owner and during one conversation asked for the service records and he refused and explained to me that people often call him for the records so they can pass them off as their own. He reassured me the car was perfect and because of its rarity and condition they were not going to discuss any type of price drop or negotiation. I was also told a full inspection was completed by a local Porsche dealership and there were no issues found. I was sent a copy of the NADA price report claiming the car was worth $15,100 | They sent numerous pictures of the car that showed the car in great condition. When I received the car it had body damage to the lower drivers side and I could see the front bumper was not the original, it appeared to come off a red car and this car was blue. This did not happen during transport. When I called the sales person to complain about the damage I was told he would have the owner call me. In the meantime I emailed him photos of the damage. I waited 2-3 days and no return call. So I called back (several times) and got more of the run around, so eventually gave up and figured I’d just get the issues fixed myself and move on. | Due to medical issues I recently tried to sell the car and/or trade it, but while doing so, I discovered the car has a rebuilt title from Utah. The dealerships and potential buyers have pulled the Carfax which shows this car has been in a “major” accident and because of that I have been unable to resell it, even at a huge loss. | I was lied to over and over by this dealership. NEVER was I told the car was in an accident and/or totaled..! Quit the opposite, I was told the car was ‘perfect’. I never received paperwork stating the car had a REBUILT title and I asked them several times about the history. They lied and stuck me with a car that I can never sell. I paid over $15,000 for the car and I’ve been told by SEVERAL mechanics and dealerships this car because of the rebuild/salvage title wouldn’t be worth more than $4,000-$5,000 | I feel this was deceptive and dishonest sales practices — I’m sure they knew the car was a salvage and failed to release that information. | Since owning this car I’ve had to dump $7,000 into it for a fault clutch, noisy drive shaft (torque tube), pessure plate, ball joints, shocks & struts, leaking radiator and many other parts. | Yesterday my mechanic was inspecting the transmission and discovered the transmission was replaced and faulty.. Total cost to find/fix the transmission – $3,000 | You can also see in these reviews I’m not the only one that has had an issue with purchasing a car.

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