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Beware of Choice Home Warranty

Called 1/31/18 for water softener. Explained that I have Lupus and a skin condition, must have softener. Sent a man 2/2/18, only clear word he could speak was “broke”. Showed me the part needed on his phone. He had no tools with him, no license number on his business card. Call from Choice informs me I’m not covered for softener, so I paid the extra $70.00 to have it covered. Girl says she’ll give me $150.00 ( 3,000.00 softener not even 7 yrs. old) and I either fix or replace it. The man told her it was broken due to lack of maintenance. I do keep salt in it, that is all a homeowner is supposxed to do, we don’t mess w/the mechanics inside. This is not my first softener in my life, had them for over 30 years in different homes I’ve owned. Finally girl says she’ll hae it fixed but doesn’t know when. Haven’t heard a word from them since then. | Of course I called in someone on my own, he checked it, said it’s working properly only problem is an ice bridge formed in the brine tank. He tapped the tank a couple of times with his toe and we heard the sale drop down, it’s been working perfectly ever since. I paid for a 3 year contract and Jeff told me the conditioner and my freezer were covered, when the contract was written he left out the conditioner, that’s why I had to pay another $70.00. The $45.00 to the service man was a waste, I had the book here but he was looking on his phone of what he should do which ended up being nothing. I wrote the company on 2/14/18 asking for my money back. | This was the first claim I filed with them. I looked online for the repairman’s company and his name, he is no where on the internet. I was told all service people are licensed, when I questioned the girl on the phone about this, she never answered me. This contract ran from 6/30/17 to 12/30/2020. I feel since they did nothing for me that I should be entitled to all of my money back so I could get coverage elsewhere. I have this warranty because I’m a disabled senior citizen w/many health issues and from previous companies I’ve had they will send someone out the same day or even the next to repair or replace the item. I bought this policy because it was cheaper for 3 years than for one year, that’s how they got my money. All appliances in my house are supposed to be covered, all are less than 7 years old and the first thing they did was offer me $150.00 buy out for the conditioner. It seems like a racket to me. | To date I have not heard one word from this company. That means, had I not went ahead and called someone else by now my skin would be all scales and places would have split open and bled, that’s why I need it to work.

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