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My first sign that these “dating” websites are fradulent should have been that 18 through 28 Year old “women” are hitting on men Over twice their own age. My report is basically about the “Love Call ” portion of this fradulent internet enterprise. | First I had to “Authorise” a “woman” to call me, I am quite sure that is a supposed method of this website trying to protect themselves. The website makes it well known that they can provide a “Translator” which tells me that they have access to adding a third party into one of these fake “Love Calls”. | EVERYTHING on this network of “Dating Sites” revolves around the almighty Dirty Dollar which is used to Buy “Credits”. These Credits can cost Between 7$ and $3.99 Per credit. ( $7 per credit for 3 credits or $21 is the lowest available option) and THEN ( $3.99 per credit for 100 credits or $399 which I could never bring myself to buy ) | I opted to pay $5 per credit for 60 credits which cost $299. ( $4.983 per credit ) and I figured should cover the “Love Call” and alot of “Live Chatting” . Boy was I wrong, the phone connection was not very good mainly because the translator or hacker was trying to keep me from getting this “womans ” email address. After about 51 minutes and $254. having been spent I was SPELLING by Yelling My E mail address to this Robot ( or human acting as a robot for the website ) and finally this sweet womans voice said “I got IT ( my e address ) and I Hung UP Quick. | I received one e mail from this woman promising sexy pictures which I did not ask for, I just asked for some current pictures. She did e mail me 2 pictures from the same series of pictures that she had posted on the website. I downloaded the pictures and then could not find them. I downloaded them again saving them as “Yanni” and then searched for them again and found them stuck in my December 2011 Folder. | Long story short IS that these were professionally photographed pictures from back in December 2011 and were being used on the website as part of the illusion that I was chatting with a gorgeous long haired brunette. IT IS kinda funny how these scammers KNOW what My taste in a woman is. | I got involved with this “woman” because the website is set up so that IF THE “WoMAN” sends Me or anybody an ” Admirer Mail” Then That can be read for FREE By the Unsuspecting Male. The Mail that I got from this particular “woMAN” stated that she was able to be with me here in the U S A By the end of August 2015. Basically that is phishing for a Mans LOVE. Besides How can a “woMAN” Know that we are compatible without even speaking with me??? | The Male respondent CAN NOT reply unless they reply through an “E M F ” Mail Letter ( for 1 credit per letter or between $3.99 and $7. dollars per letter ) OH the first picture to View is FREE ( l o l ) the second picture if downloaded is going to cost a man 2 credits to download or $7.98 to $14 dollars PER Picture. Does Not sound like these websites want anything from us MEN except our hard earned dollars. | Bottom line is that I had been scammed before and I had vowed to Never send another woman any money. I succeeded in that goal and then let my guard down and fell for this corrupt scam about a year later. WHY??? BECAUSE the Robots working for the Websites Make the Man FEEL like they are Real and it becomes TOO EASY to charge Our hard earned dollars on a Credit Card . Thanks for reading and DO Not ever Think that these websites are Amateur Scammers. They are a corrupt organization interested in ONLY OuR MONEY. | B T W thee “WoMAN” that sent me pictures from back in December of 2011……SHE or IT Will NOT Reply to any of my e mails that I have sent her directly. At Least I Know WHY ……Now

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