Chimneys Dun Rite

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Beware of Chimneys Dun Rite

Ken worked on our chimney. He would try one thing, charge us, and that wouldn’t work, so he’d try something else, charge us, that wouldn’t work, but we were already a few thousand in, so maybe one more thing, he’d try it, it wouldn’t work. Finally we said no more. He had worked on the chimney cap and had sprayed the chimney with sealer. I was still under his guarantee when I went to look at the chimney cap last Spring and it had a crack in it. I told him this in June and he said he’d come back and work on it. I followed up in July, August, and September sending emails and calling. He would set up a date and then not come. I live in the same town, so he has no good excuse. | On Angie’s list, he has 3 F ratings, so there’s a pattern here. | I mentioned him to some people at work. One guy said he told his mother that he had just seen a racoon go down her chimney–this was false and wisely avoided him. Another woman on my street had been told that he also saw a racoon go down her chimney–also false and she avoided him as well. I wish I could have avoided him.

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