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Beware of Chime Banking

I am a new customer to chime bank through metabank. This will be my 4th direct deposit with them, and i have never in my life had a more horrific experience with a prepaid debit card in my life until now. I have been going to embrace recovery center for a couple years now once a month. I pay cash $150 a month if i use a debit or credit card they charge $157.50. So on October19th 2017 i went for my monthly appointment. I decided to use my chime card for the first time and my payment went through successfully! I then got a instant email from chime stating there was a charge from embrace recovery for $157.50 and also showed me my balance after i made that payment. Now on October 27th i saw at 9:30am there was another transaction from embrace deducting $157.50 again leaving me now in the negative. I called the card immediately the first rep saw the 2 charges and said he was sending me to the department that would refund that payment. | That agent gets on the phone and says no there was no double payment he said on the 19th 157.50 was pending then they refunded me back the money on the 25th or 26th of oct then took it back out on the 27th. I said that makes no sense somehow my transaction post from the 19th from embrace is now gone and they said they will not refund my money and worse they are making me pay the negative balance. He says didn’t you see or notice you had extra funds that where used? I said there was nothing posted to my account so i automatically thought it was a credit for something i was told well you should have called! Really!!! Please people do not use this company they will rip you off take your money and make it look like nothing happened. I’m not done with them i will get a attorney if i have too.

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