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Beware of Child Protective Services

I’m outraged with the uneducated, unresponsive Child Protective Services, located in Henderson, NV. The specific details are not important, especially since the Family Court Papers state that Child Protective Services first came into contact with the family 8 MONTHS after they were actually involved. I’ve counted a minimum of 10 Child Protective Workers involved within 1 year, so obviously the workers don’t even know the family names! Child Protective Services is negligent on several occcasions. I won’t get into the physical occasions. However, they stated in Court documents that “No Criminal Activity” was found on the 3 parents of the 3 children (all 3 parents have violent criminal, as well as drug histories). My daughter is the mother of the children. She is a Sociopath. Her father was a Psychopath. Both my daughter and her Dad meet ALL the criteria. The whirlwind of destruction in their paths is so unbelievable each moment to moment is craziness. I have always loved and protected my daughter and grandchildren. Until I called the Police Department/Child Protective Services, I had never physically witnessed her abuse and never believed ANY adult could inflict the harm upon any human or animal that I witnessed her do upon 1 of my grandchildren. However, Sociopath’s/Psychopath’s are adept at threatening, story telling, blaming and convincing everyone else that the other’s are the “crazy ones.” The children are afraid to say any thing against their abusers, especially their single parent mother and CPS is “too busy” to even talk with the children or me, their Grandmother. BTW, the 3 parents are permanently losing their parental rights in 4 months and I will never see my beautiful grandchildren again. | This Government office is a sham and a rip-off. The Child Protection Workers Must Become Accountable For Neglect, Receive Education in Child Abuse and in Human Behaviors. We must INSIST that 1-2 workers remain with the cases from start to finish, that all interested family members be contacted, all calls be responded to – no matter how briefly, and to ask questions after a simple “yes” or “no” answer is given by the children. Abused adults and children are programmed to protect their abusers and are afraid of additional abuse and abandonment!. | *And yes, I have begged to raise my grandchildren who have lived with me frequently over the years. The parents have agreed to it. CPS says, “No”. According to my daughter, CPS has determined (without speaking with me) that since I previously sought voluntary mental health treatment to learn why I succumbed to my husband’s abuse and how to break the cycle, that I am unfit to care for the children. I’m very confused because I thought voluntarily seeking mental health treatment was a positive move! My grandchildren are now physically divided, physically filthy and living in squalor. (I’ve gone financially broke repeatedly purchasing wardrobes for my grandchildren and finding them in rag clothes (not theirs) and the new clothes worn by the children in the home they’re placed.) I have to pick my battles, but already know the children have lost the war. SUCH A GREAT LOSS, YET NO ONE CARES, CERTAINLY NOT CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES.

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