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Beware of Cherokee Funding

My name is Andrea Johnson. I was referred to Cherokee Funding by my attorney Mike Hostilo. Being in a car accident for the first time I didn’t know what to do. I hired my attorney first as he is a big advertiser. During the course of my case I ran into financial problems. I researched the internet and found many companies that can provide a loan against my case. I told my attorney that I wanted to use a local company called Capital Financing because they terminated interest. No one could match their rates I told him. Instead he referred me to Cherokee Funding and the scum of the earth Reid Zeising and Chris Conifer. As we are left to trust our attorneys I did what he recommended and contacted Cherokee. I first felt like something was wrong when I was not asked to sign the contract. I asked my attorney if I could review the agreement and he said don’t worry I have it handled. He asked how much I needed and I said $5000. | Before I knew it without any contracts or any questions I was sent $5000. That was the good part, but wait. When time came to settle the case I owed $84,000, that’s right $84,000. I immediately contacted the bar association in Georgia to report this. When I reviewed the contract I saw they charged $75 to send me money regular mail, $500 in origination fees, and all fees were added into the contract with compounding fees. If you don’t know what that means, just pretend you made $5000 at work but your boss pays you 500% more. That would be great but imagine you borrow money and you owe 500% more that what you borrow. That’s gangster, usuary, and illegal. After doing some research I learned both Cherokee funding and Hostilo are involved in a class action lawsuit doing the same to others. They purposely don’t allow you to see the contract and I learned Cherokee has a horrible reputation in the industry. Chris Conifer has a criminal background and again will most likely end up broke and in prison after his class action lawsuit. His partner buys off attorneys according to the class action and pays attorneys to use his company. The reports claims he paid my attorney Hostilo $50k to refer his clients. What scum bags! Before you use any of these companies ask questions and don’t agree to their contract if you have not read it. Do not take a loan if there is compounding interest, $75 to send money, ridiculous fees, hard to read contracts, and if it’s Cherokee. They probably will be out of business before you read this but if not be aware and stay away.

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