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Beware of Chef Maurice

Chef Maurice was hired by the PTO to cater the Sweetheart Dance at my daughter’s school on February 10th, 2017. Arrangements to feed 200 people were made a month in advance. As PTO President, I made sure to accomodate every request the made. According to Maurice, the full payment would be needed prior to the event his staff’s remuneration. However, the day of the event he arrived an hour late, without any staff, and only a portion of the food he agreed to provide. Not only that, he arrived with no way to cook the food and had to leave back out to purchase a burner. One of the teachers provided him with an additional one she had in her room. As the dance progressed, the children complained about being hungry. At this point he had only provided fruit. Maurice was still cooking two chicken breast at a time. To appease the attendees, we started giving out boxed brownies and rice. With one hour left until the dance ended, and realizing that Maurice would not be able to fullfill his contract; we made the decision to call a restaurant in the area. The restaurant had enough chicken ready to feed 200 people. So,we expressed our displeasure to Maurice and suggested he pay for the chicken since he didn’t have enough to even feed 10 people. The secretary and vice-president took him to the restaurant( because he doesn’t have a car) to pick-up and pay for the chicken. His card was declined for the $150.00 payment of the chicken. He returned back to the school making excuses about PayPal being the reason for the decline.Unfortunately, we had to make an annoucement that we would not be able to provide a meal as we had promised. We had him enter into another agreement before leaving to refund our money. As of today, we’ve received $180.00 and a million excuses for why he hasn’t provided the rest. We ended up having to hire an attorney. He’s a fraud!!!

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